Helping your kids

This summer, my oldest son, Andrew, has been hard at work on a number of projects. It has been a lot of fun watching him work and helping him when and where I could.

One goal he had for the summer was to swim a mile. Yes, a Mile. He is really close. In the olympic size pool at our local YMCA, it takes 35 full laps (down and back again) to make a mile. He has made it to 25 in one non-stop swim session. I am looking forward to watching him swim next Saturday as he goes for the full mile.

Another goal he had was to launch a website. He came up with the idea, the layout, the theme, and the content all on his own. My task was to help him actually setup and manage the website (as a child, he can't legally do that yet). I'm proud to announce that yesterday we officially launched

Would you please take just a minute to visit Andrew's website He has worked really hard on it and is really proud to have it up, and I am proud of him as well.
He has several future blog posts written and ready to post in the days and weeks ahead (chapters in his original scifi story that he is compiling). I know he would also appreciate a kind comment if you have a moment to leave one.

Question: What things do you do to help and encourage your kids? Leave a comment by clicking here.