Working out - April 25th

I should probably eat a clif bar before working out.

I usually don't eat anything before going to workout... I think now I may start. This morning I did 20 mins of cardio on an elliptical machine followed by a legs workout. I did 20 reps of hamstrings followed by 20 reps of leg extensions. Then onto leg press. I got through my first set of 40 reps. I increased the weight and started my set of 30 reps. I struggled starting around rep 20, but I did finish the set. I was planning to do one more set of 10 at a higher weight, but I was totally spent and feeling light headed and even a little sick.

I made it out to my car where I drank my usual whey protein drink and started feeling better.

Lesson learned: eat a clif bar before working out (especially on legs day)