How to make a QR Code - May 28th

A Quick Response Code (QR code) is like a bar code that can be scanned by a device (like an iphone or android). The QR code can contain any kind of alpha/numeric information. The most popular use of the QR Code today is to direct people to specific URLs.

The Benefits of QR

There are several benefits to using a QR code:

  • The QR code can contain a long URL contained in a simple small square. This can be used to promote a web address that is longer or more complicated. 
  • With the continued growth of smartphones around the world, anyone with an iphone, android, or other smartphone can access a QR Code.
  • Most people are more likely to open a scan app or camera than to type in a full http site name.

a QR Code pointing to this page
How to make a QR Code

It is exceedingly easy to create a QR code by using an online service. A quick google search will reveal countless pages related to creating a QR code.

  • is used to shorten urls (great for creating a short url that can be easily posted in twitter, etc.)
    • An added benefit of using is that it can also be used to create a QR code.
  • is another simple QR generator that allows you several options of creating QR codes for use with text, URL, Call, SMS, or vCard. The QR code is then prepared and can be easily downloaded, opened, or linked using <embed> HTML code.

Lesson Learned: QR Codes can provide great benefits and are easy to create.