Brainstorming - May 1st

Having the right tools, location, and freedom can help brainstorming.

Today I went to a restaurant that I often frequent for lunch. They were pretty busy when I arrived, so at first I had to sit at a small table. One of the girls who works there noticed where I was sitting and commented that I didn't have a lot of room to spread out. After a while (about the time I had finished eating) she came back and pointed out that there was a larger table in the corner free.

I went over and "spread out" and spent some time brainstorming for an important meeting that I have coming up soon. I found that there were several things that helped my brainstorming process:
1. the right tools
-in this case, my iPad, a pad of blank unlined paper, colored pencils, and a folder of items related to the upcoming meeting
2. A place to sit and think
- a larger table in the corner of this particular restaurant
3. Freedom from my office and other people or things that might distract me from the focus of the moment

Lesson learned: if I need to brainstorm something, make sure I have the right tools, a place away from distractions, and freedom to think freely about the subject at hand.