Breaks - may 3rd

Take breaks in the "work" to be more productive.

So this lesson could probably be learned and applied in a variety of contexts, but today I learned it while mowing my lawn. We have a typical Push Lawnmower with a bag system. Nothing too complicated or expensive. The bag fills with cuttings and then I empty it into a trash bag and leave it for pick up by the street.

Typically, I would mow one section of our yard, empty the bag and then mow the larger section and then empty the bag, etc. Sometimes, I have noticed that while mowing the larger section, the bag would actually get so full that it would stop the mower.

Today I decided to intentionally take breaks along the way to empty the bag. I noticed that this actually made me far more productive. The bag was not as full, so I was able to empty it quicker. I was also able to assess the yard which gave me some additional motivation for completing the job and maybe even make some slight course corrections along the way.

Lesson learned: take breaks. It can actually increase productivity.

P.S. speaking of lawn care, if anyone gas any good tips for how to kill weeds and have a greener lawn, leave me a comment.