Switching Browsers... Internet Explorer vs Google Chrome - May 25th

A couple of days ago I started the process of switching to a new web browser. My switch came because of necessity. I am still using Windows XP Pro for my operating system at work, and a new web editing program that we are using was not playing nice with my Internet Explorer.

Unfortunately, the new version of Internet Explorer 10 is not available for xp. So, I started looking for some alternatives. I did some comparison research online and determined that the Google Chrome browser would be the best option for me to try. 

The download of Chrome was quick and easy, and switching was very seamless. It is a different layout than what I was used to, but it only took about 20 minutes to get used to the new interface. It took me a minute to figure out how to get to settings,  it's sort of hidden on a button at the right of the address bar. Once I found the settings, however, it only took a minute to import my bookmarks and favorites from IE.

I really enjoy the feature that I can have chrome automatically open several tabs set to my favorite sites. I usually open Pandora a couple of other windows whenever I log in, so having Chrome do that for me is very beneficial.

So far I am really enjoying the new browser. It's different, but so far is MUCH faster than the old Internet Explorer that I was using. Most importantly, Chrome does work with the web editing program that I needed for work.

Download Google Chrome Here

Lesson Learned: Google Chrome is a great browser and I wish I had switched sometime ago.