Chasing the google mobile - May 23rd

Today we experienced an awesome opportunity to chase the Google Streetview Car. 
We were on the road to go visit my parents and as we pulled onto the interstate, there it was. 
"Look kids," I said. "There's the Google Mobile! Everybody smile! Maybe we can get our picture taken." 

One thing I learned is that it's not easy to chase the Google Mobile. Maybe this is because there were other people trying to get their picture taken too. (Then again, maybe we were the only crazy people trying to get our picture taken by this really cool looking car) 

As I finally caught up with the Google car, I started thinking about the other pursuits that we have in life. So many people are trying to chase happiness or a career, or money, or love, or kids, or retirement. Everyone seems to be chasing something, we just need to make sure that we're chasing the right thing. In the end, there are so few things that really matter (family, friends, & faith to name a few). 

For more about the google car and streetview visit.

By the way, I plan to come back in 6-9 months with an update and/or another post about how long it takes to get our picture on the streetview (my current research indicates it will take 6 months -1 year for it to become live on Google)

Lesson learned: Pursuit of the Google Mobile can give about 1 hour of happiness... Faith, Family, and Friends can last for life (and eternal life) make those the most important pursuit.

What are you Pursuing? What brings you Happiness? What brings you real Joy?