Drive time - May 4th

Drive time can be a great time to grow.

Today I made about a 3 hour trip with my seven year old son in the backseat. We had some great conversation during the drive about many things. This was a perfect time to grow our relationship. It was also a wonderful time for me to help him to grow some spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

When the conversation slowed down, he read and I listened to some podcasts. Drive time is a great opportunity to listen to some edifying podcasts. I have done this for some time during my commutes when I don't have any pressing calls to make (using a hands free Bluetooth of course).

Today I learned that Zig Ziglar, the famous author and motivational speaker, also suggested that drive time was a wonderful time to listen to something edifying in order to have personal growth.

Lesson learned: it is a tremendous idea to use drive time as personal growth time.