Forgiveness - May 6th

Today I was talking with my son about yesterday's blog post about getting stuck in the MUD. We started talking about a problem that he had today. He was knocked down on the playground and the boy who knocked him down had not apologized even though my son was slightly injured.

This discussion provided a great teaching opportunity for me. As we talked about getting stuck in the mud of Mistakes, Unrepentance, and Distractions, I realized that the U could also stand for Unforgiveness. Holding a grudge can be completely toxic.

My son realized that the boy who knocked him down probably doesn't even remember what he did, or that he had injured my son physically or emotionally. When we hold on to unforgiveness, it really does cause us to get stuck in our pain and it causes us to become distracted far more than it hurts the person whom we refuse to forgive.

Lesson Learned: Don't hold onto unforgiveness... it's hurting you more than it's hurting them.