Intense like a Tiger - May 11th

When you think about a tiger, what comes to mind? 

I usually like to think of a tiger as a mighty, grab you by the throat, chase you down and get you sort of animal. That's not exactly what we saw at the zoo today. 

This beautiful white tiger sat by the window and followed my daughter as she went back and forth. Doesn't look so mighty does she? 

But the reality is that, even though this beautiful white tiger looks nice and innocent (it was especially cute how she followed my daughter with her whole head, not just get eyes), the truth is she's still a grab you by the throat, chase you down, mighty TIGER

I realized that this has applications to all walks of life. There are many things that look nice and innocent, but can really get you if you're not careful. When it comes to personal finances, debt can look nice and innocent, but it's really a tiger waiting to get you. In a spiritual sense, there are many things that look innocent on the surface, but they have the power to devour you if you get too close. 

Lesson learned: looks can be deceiving. Don't let your guard down when facing a tiger (real or metaphorical)