Keep your guard up - May 10th

This evening I was sparring during a Taekwondo class. The instructor told me that I was dropping my guard while sparring two on one. One of the guys I was sparring against has a magnificent reach on his kicks and could have given me a good round kick to the head very easily. I have to learn to keep my guard up.

Keeping your guard up can be applied in many other areas of life as well. Today I was reading in The Millionaire Next Door. It is amazing to me that most millionaires described in this book learned to play good defense by spending well under their means and by investing. "The goal is to enable you to set aside for investing purposes at least 15 percent of your pretax income each year." Tactics like this are what can help you build wealth and get on the road to financial security.

Lesson Learned: learn to play good defense in all areas of life, from Taekwondo to personal finances... keep your guard up.