MacBooks and koolaid - May 7th

Today's lesson is a hard one to swallow. Apparently, MacBooks and koolaid don't go we'll together.

Yeah, last night I spilled my fruit punch koolaid all over our home laptop computer. Ouch!!
I have to admit that I kind of wish I could blame this on someone or something else, sometimes it seems like it would be easier to forgive someone else than forgive myself. How interesting that this happened just one day after posting about not getting stuck in our mistakes. (Guess I have to practice what I preach now).

I'll try to forgive myself and learn from my mistake and move on (I just wish I didn't have to literally pay for this one by buying us a new computer... Oh well)

Lesson learned: never, ever, ever place koolaid next to a Apple MacBook Pro or other laptop. It maybe ok 999 times, but the 1 time that it does spill on your MacBook it will fry it.