Spring Cleaning - May 16th

Today has been all about cleaning up. We've spent time cleaning the house, taking out boxes from closets, mowing the lawn, and much more.

Ever since I was a young boy, I heard about spring cleaning. I never really fully understood this concept, however, until I became an adult. It's good to spend time cleaning up, not only your house, but your entire life.

The thing that I have been learning recently, is that it's much better to do this cleaning and organizing more often than once a year. If you only clean in the spring time, you will have fare more to go through at one time than if you spent smaller blocks of time spread out throughout the year. The end result would be the same, but you would not have to dedicate so much effort at one time. A second benefit is that your house and life can be clean and organized more constantly.

Lesson Learned: spring clean often, this will help the effort that you have to expend seem smaller and will keep you clean and organized year round.