The Right Context - May 20th

Recently, I have been working hard to increase my productivity. I have learned a great deal from the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen.

Today, as I was working my to do list, I kept seeing something on my computer list that was distracting me. Every time I would look at the item on my to do list, I thought that I should work on it, but realized that I couldn't.
I use a program called toodledo to help me track my tasks by context. I was trying to work on my items that were in my computer context and kept coming across this item, but realizing I couldn't complete it. I finally figured out that I was actually planning to do this item on my home computer because of the video software that I have at home but not at the office.

Once I discovered my mistake, I changed the context on that to do item to "Home" and was then able to keep working down my computer tasks without distraction.

Lesson learned: Make sure you have tasks items on the correct context list... And if you don't, change it as soon as you recognize your mistake.

"Getting things done" by David Allen - paperback book