A Splinter In The Soul - June 21st

I have these shoes that I love to wear on the weekends. The shoes are actually Crocs(Amazon Associate Link) that I bought in Thailand several years ago. Well, like I said, I love these shoes and I especially love to wear them on the weekends when I'm lounging around.

For the last several weeks, however, I have experienced a weird pain in the sole of my right foot every time that I have worn these shoes. For weeks I have been thinking that there must be something wrong with my foot. I assumed that the problem was only coming to light when I wore these particular shoes. Perhaps there was some nerve being pinched because of the design of these shoes. But like I said, I love to lounge in these shoes, so I didn't want to stop wearing them. 

Fast forward several weeks from when I first started feeling this pain . Tonight I was stepping up a step and as I did I experienced an incredible pain in that same spot on the sole of my right foot. Tonight the pain was worse than usual, so I assumed I must have encountered a rock or something sharp that had sneaked into my shoe. I sat down and slipped my foot out to feel around in the shoe to see if there was a rock there. I didn't find a rock, but as I pressed on the spot that had caused the pain I felt something hard in the shoe itself. 

I pushed some more. Then I started digging and pushing at the same time and eventually I pushed this out:
Picture of 1/2 inch splinter found in shoe
A Wood splinter about 1/2 inch long.

I have been waking around for weeks with this thing poking the bottom of my foot! It wasn't digging in deep because it was almost the exact length of the sole of my shoe. It was just sitting there nagging. Whenever I would step on that exact spot, the splinter would dig in just a bit, then as I walked on it would settle back down and I wouldn't be able to see it when I took off my shoe (I guess the rubber of the shoe would conform itself around the splinter so that I couldn't see there was a hole in the shoe at that spot).

I can't help but think of the symbol that is represented by this very real splinter. How many of us are carrying metaphorical splinters in our souls. Is there a secret habit that is eating away at your integrity? Is there some pain in your life that you're not willing to let go of? Maybe you have some pain that someone caused when they hurt you and you're carrying that around with you everywhere you go. Whatever your metaphorical splinter is, it's just sitting there, nagging you, not letting you fully live your life.

So what do you do about the metaphorical splinter that you may have in your life? Here are three suggestions that I hope will help you.
  1. Find the source: I had to dig into the sole of my shoe to find that nasty splinter. You may have to do some soul searching to find out what the real issue is that's bothering you. You may find it helpful to talk to a counselor or other professional to allow them to help you search for the splinters and get some ideas of how to remove them.
  2. Dig deep to get the splinters out: Once you find the splinters in your life... dig deep to get them out. These metaphorical splinters can be buried under years of wrong behavior or pain or anger. You're going to have to dig deep to get them out. Search your soul completely and don't leave any trace of that splinter in your life. 
  3. Get a friend to help you: There is nothing worse than carrying a burden alone. Tell someone and let them help you. At one critical point in my life, I found an accountability partner who was able to keep me straight. We met once a week for lunch and he became my best friend for many years. I hope you will be able to find someone who can help you as much as he helped me. If you don't already have someone like that in your life, just ask someone. (That's how I found my accountability partner, I asked him and he said yes)
I hope that you will find the splinters in your life and find the strength to get them out of your life for good. 

Lesson Learned: Sometimes we walk around with splinters (real or metaphorical) that can be removed if we'll just realize that they are in our Shoes. (Amazon Associate Link)

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