Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador and Flavoring Water - June 23rd

For a couple of years now I have intentionally tried to drink more water. I do this for several health related reasons, but one of the most relevant is that I learned that water is one of the most important ingredients in adding muscle. I also travel overseas several times a year, and I know the importance of staying well hydrated during travel and high activity times.

The problem is, I don't really like the taste of water, so I'll add Gatorade Propelto my water to help with the taste.

Every now and then I'll find some water that I do like the taste of... but these are few and far between. I think the most delicious water I ever tasted was glacial water from a volcano in Ecuador. Cotopaxi is a volcano near Quito, Ecuador. On clear days, this snow capped mountain is visible from the city and when I lived there for a short period of time, I loved to wake up to the view of this majestic mountain.

One day, my family and I had the chance to drive up the mountain and hike up to the base camp lodge. After stopping at the lodge for a little while, we hiked over to the glacier on the side of the mountain. I found a little spring flowing from the glacier and dipped my water bottle in for a few sips.

Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador
Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador -
The water from the glacier was the most amazing water I have ever tasted. I'll admit, it may have something to do with the fact that I had just walked around part of a mountain. It could also have to do with the fact that we were at such a high altitude at that point. Maybe it was partly just the coolness factor of the fact that I was drinking water from a glacier. All I know is that the perfect coolness of the water quenched my thirst and tasted awesome.

Unfortunately, I can't have glacial water to drink everyday since I don't live by or have daily access to a glacier. So instead I use Gatorade Propel as a water flavoring. I am now at the point where this is a must buy before any trip, and especially on long overseas trips. I do drink a lot of water without flavoring, but I find that when I don't have access to koolaid (read my sad/funny story about koolaid and macbooks here) Gatorade Propel really helps water to taste better and give me the much needed thirst quencher and energy revitalizer.

This evening I helped host an event where we simulated life on a trip to Africa. To keep everything real, we had water to drink (no softdrinks or sweet tea). In order to hold true to my trips, I bought some Gatorade Propel and had it available to add to the water. It helped to add an aspect of realism to our discussion about daily life on a short term trip to Africa.

Lesson Learned: Glacial water is by far the best, but if you don't have access to any, Gatorade Propel can be a great substitute for flavoring water.