How to focus your writing - June 24th

Tonight I had the Editorial team meeting that I wrote about a couple of days ago. This was a really cool experience as we talked about ideas for a book that we are going to write and edit in the days ahead. Since today was our first meeting, we talked and brainstormed a lot about the outline for the book and how we can get authors ready to do the bulk of the writing.

One quote that I really held onto from the night is "Why are we writing this? and Who is going to read it?" This is something that any writer should ask themselves.

Why am I writing this?

In order to truly answer this question, you'll have to dig deep inside yourself. Ask the questions several times if you need to until you can fully answer the question. 
Why am I writing this?
Because I want to be intentional about learning something new every day. Not only that, but I am writing this because I want to share what I am learning with others so that they can learn also.

Who is going to read this?

Not every thing written is for everybody. You wouldn't write a children's book expecting a college student to read it. And likewise, you shouldn't write a college textbook expecting a seven year old to read it.
When I ask myself this question, I think about many of my friends and family. I want to be accountable for what I'm learning, but more importantly, I want to share what I'm learning so that others can learn also.

Lesson Learned: When writing, ask yourself these questions "Why am I writing this? Who is going to read it?"