Over 1000 pageviews, Thank You - June 5th

This morning I woke up to this:

pageviews all time history = 1000

It's a really cool feeling to know that I've reached this goal of having my blog viewed one thousand times. It took 43 days to reach 1000 page views. With that in mind, my next goal is to reach 1000 page views in one month (eventually I plan to set the goal of 1000 per day, and maybe even per hour) 

I have learned through experience that it is important to set achievable goals. If I can't reach a goal (and reach it fairly quickly) then there's a good chance I never will accomplish it. 

Thank you so much for reading and for helping me to get this far. Please keep reading and sharing if you like the posts and together we can reach 1000 views this month. 

Lesson learned: today I reached my goal of 1000 page views. Now onto 1000 in a month. 

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