Writing Ideas - June 22nd

In a couple of days I am going to have a first meeting with an editorial team. We will be meeting to begin the planning for a book that will be written by a group of people. This is my first time working with a group like this, and I am very excited. However, I also feel that I have a lot to learn in the process.

The last couple of days I've had about 3 hours of driving time, so I set out to look for a podcast that could help me prepare. I came across a podcast titled "Writing Excuses." Inside the podcast I found a really insightful episode about brainstorming. The episode was both entertaining and insightful. I laughed at the brilliance of how this brainstorming group went from a seemingly silly story idea to having a full fantasy book idea.

And interestingly, I just realized that part of their discussion in the podcast episode centered around the movie avengers. I only mention this, because in-between writing words on this blog I am also watching the Avengers on TV. I only just made the connection. Cool.

The thing that I learned about relating to the Avengers is the discussion that they had in one episode about setting the pace. They mentioned that it is important to sometimes slowdown the pace of the action even in writing. They mentioned that in the Avengers they used the technique of adding some dialogue even in the middle of fast paced action scenes to slowdown and give the audience breaks.

I hope that when I start meeting with the editorial group I will be able to help give some insightful thoughts such as this. In the mean time, I will plan to look for another lesson.

Lesson Learned: Writing Excuses.com and their accompanying podcast are very helpful tools for someone wanting to grow in their writing skills.