Helping my son set up a new website... Awesome Stuff - June 7th

Today I helped my 7 year old son set up a website. This was Awesome because it allowed us to do something fun together.

I have really enjoyed creating these blog posts and intentionally trying to learn something new each day. Now, I will be able to help my son as he is setting up his online website and business.

Check it out at
screen shot of 

We had a good time setting up the site and talking/dreaming about what the future might hold. He is planning to come back and talk about stuff that kids like and sell those items through Amazon Associate links.

I'm really proud of my son and am so proud to work with him on this project. Please take a minute to check out the site, and look for more posts related to this new project in the near future. :-)

Lesson Learned: It is important to spend time with you son. It doesn't matter what it is that you're doing, as long as you're doing it together with a purpose.

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