How to get a child to sleep - Part 3 - June 15th

The saga continues in how to get a child to sleep ... specifically our two year old. I told my wife today that I think it might be time to cut out naps. It really pains me to say that (nap time is rest time or clean up time for us parents) but it is also becoming increasingly tiring fighting the same battle every night.

It's 8:58pm right now and the two year old is still up. We've put him to bed 25+ times tonight and he's still up and about.

We've tried firmness, consistency, tickets, treats, etc.
(see the previous posts here:

Tomorrow I think we'll cut out the nap and see what that does (we can always reinstate it later if it doesn't help or even makes things worse)

Many friends have offered advice through Facebook comments... thank you so much.

P.S. It's 9:15pm now and he's still not asleep... I'm going to go try one more time right now.

Lesson Learned: if at first you don't learn hot to get a child to sleep... try and try again... I'm sure one of these days I'll learn the trick and be able to share it with the world.