Ie or eg - June 25th

I almost forgot to write my post tonight. Today will be my next to last daily post. I have created over 60 entries over the last couple of months. Tomorrow will be my last post in this series. The following day I will be leaving with my wife for a much needed vacation. 

When I return from our vacation, I plan to continue posting a few days a week, but I will change my emphasis from a daily entry. I have achieved several goals over the last couple of months that I am extremely proud of.

1. I had a goal of posting something that I had learned each day until the day before leaving for our vacation (this was an internal goal that I set several weeks ago) 

2. I wanted to learn something new each day. Like I posted in my first entry of this series, I wanted to be intentional about learning something new that I could then share. 

3. When I reached 1000 page views, I set a public goal or reaching the next 1000 in  the same month. I have far surpassed this goal. There have actually been over 2000 page views in June! (And the month is not even over yet!). Thank you so much for reading, I could not reach this goal without you. 

Well, one more quick tip that I learned today. There is a difference between the acronyms "i.e." and "eg". I formerly used both to mean "example". Actually, "i.e," should be used for a specific item while "eg" is meant to be used for any example. 

Lesson Learned: pay attention, your goal could get away from you if you don't. (Also, I need to use "eg" more than "i.e" )

i.e. = specific examples
eg = examples