Listen to your kids - June 10th

Do you remember that I said it was sometimes hard to write about just one topic per day, well here is the proof... this actually goes back to something that happened on Friday night.

Friday evening I was ironically sitting at Chick-fil-a reading a book that I would highly endorse, The Two-Minute Drill to Manhood: A Proven Game Plan for Raising Sons by John Croyle (Amazon Associate :Link). This is a wonderful book about parenting boys to become men. John Croyle is a former football star who played for the University of Alabama under Bear Bryant. He speaks from great experience, not only from raising his own son, Brody Croyle (who also became a football star at Alabama), but also from raising over 1800 abused and neglected children at The Big Oak Ranch for boys and girls.

Now, I say ironically, because I was reading a section of the book that talked about the importance of spending time with and listening to your children while I was sitting across from my son. My two younger kids were in the play area, but my oldest son had come out and sat back down across from me.

I was really looking forward to reading some about how to become a better parent while my kids played in the great play zone at Chick-Fil-A. I was reading a section where John talked about how dads should put their cell phones down when picking up their kids from school.
The Two-Minute Drill to Manhood book

Well, after a minute or so, it hit me... "He's telling me to pay attention to my son, and here I am reading a book that's telling me to pay attention to my son." Like I said, Ironic. And sad.

I put down the book and started talking to my son. And that's what eventually led us to the idea of starting a website together. You can see the website at

Lesson Learned: spend time with your kids... you will never get that time back. (the book or the phone call can wait)