Parenting and Star Trek the Next Generation - June 17th

Tonight I had great time of playing and bonding with my children. We started off playing a board game that I have had since I was a kid: STAR TREK INTERACTIVE VCR BOARD GAME COLLECTOR'S EDITION.

This is an awesome interactive game that we have a lot of fun playing... and as my kids grow up they are understanding better how to play which makes it even more fun. This board game is played with a TV and a VCR (a VCR is like a dvd player, but it takes tape and you can't skip chapters)
The basic premise of the game is that a Klingon, Captain Kavok, has taken over the enterprise and you have to try to stop him.
Picture of our board game... Start Trek interactive VCR board game collector's edition
This is a great game to play with young children because of the interactive nature of the game. We put on our communicators and rank stickers and every once in a while the klingon comes on the tv and we have to answer "Yes Captain Kavok!" The kids loved playing tonight and in the end we beat the bad guy.

Part 2 of bonding tonight took place when I helped my 7 year old to continue work on his website Tonight my son did most of the work of adding html links to his new post page. I had to help him with a little coding issue that he was having, but he did most of the work himself.

The lessons that I'm able to teach my son through helping him with this website are truly great. Not only is he learning helpful computer skills, but we are also able to talk about patience, marketing, integrity, and other great skills and personality traits that he can develop. Please check it out and if you're in the market for any awesome stuff, please consider buying through his website (this is the modern version of a lemonade stand, except with no lemonade and no stand).

Lesson Learned: spend time with your kids... play games, do projects together, have fun. You won't get these days back, so make the best of them.

So I realize that I have now exposed my Star Trek nature. If you're also a Star Trek fan, leave me a comment below.