Perseverance...Never Give up!

Over the past 51 days I have published 51 posts to this website, one each day. Today I almost broke that streak. It's late, I'm tired, and I didn't have a post ready, so I almost gave up and went to bed. I was literally getting up and going to start heading to my room when my perseverance kicked in.

For about a year now I have been taking Taekwondo. This has been a great experience in so many ways. I especially enjoy that I get to do the classes parallel to my 7 year old son. In fact, we are both set to test for our next level belt this Saturday. One of the tenets that we repeat at each class is "Perseverance." One month we focused on this tenet and learned that perseverance means to never give up.

You may be reading this and struggling with wanting to give up on something: a goal, giving in to an addiction, a relationship. Don't give up. Persevere. It may be as simple as writing a blog post when you don't know what to write about. It may be pushing through those last few reps in the gym. It could be sticking to a relationship and making up your mind that you're going to keep at it in good times and bad. Whatever your facing, don't give up.

Lesson Learned: don't give up, persevere, push through... even when you're not sure what to write about.