The right way to tie a shoe - June 19th

Today's lesson is short and sweet and comes by way of my lovely wife.

Have you ever put on a shoe and had trouble keeping it tied? I have this problem quite often with my work shoes. For some reason the laces just wouldn't stay tied throughout the day.

Well it turns out, I may have been tying my shoe wrong these last 3 decades or so. Check out this short and very cool video from a TED Talk about how to properly tie your shoes.

This makes me wonder... what else do I not know how to do correctly? I've already mentioned that I didn't know how to wash dishes correctly. What other skills do I not know, or worse, know how to do incorrectly?

The hard part is that I don't know how to find out what skills I learned incorrectly. Maybe someone will point out to me that I'm doing something wrong. In the meantime, at least I now know a different way to tie my shoes.

Lesson Learned: if you want your shoes to stay tied... learn to tie them correctly.